Eris Marriner Eris Marriner 24 August 2020

Project Diva Megamix DLC

So I got the bundle version of Project Megamix for my birthday and I heard new DLC is coming out. Since I got the bundle that has the DLC from before May in it...will it be automatically put in the game or am I going to have to buy it seperately, I honestly dont know at all. I'll see if megamix updates and adds it. If not I'm going to have to ask my parent/guardian.

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Rougefan056 Rougefan056 10 March 2020

New guidelines for Song and Module pages

So, following my acceptance to being admin and bureaucrat for this wiki, I decided to make some guidelines as to how Song and Modules will be set up as I have a feeling they'll be the more looked at pages. And this is mostly because I feel the Module pages feel a little empty since they only include an infobox and images. Guidelines for Song pages are here and Module pages here.

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