Hachune Miku (はちゅねミク?) is a character in the Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA series. She is a derivative character based off of Hatsune Miku which has been officially recognised by Sega and Crypton Future Media and has been licensed into the games.


Hachune Miku's apppearance and attire is similar to that of the real Hatsune Miku with her notable differences include her doll-ragged eyes.

Game appearances

Hachune Miku makes minor appearances in the games such as their opening videos and even in some of the songs' PVs although she is most notable for appearing in the Tutorial that teach the player basic gameplay information of the series. As well, she is also a playable character to some of the playable mini-games in the game's credits.


Hachune Miku was created by Otomania and Tamago when the Vocaloid arrangement version of the Finnish folk song "Ievan Polkka" was uploaded to NicoNico on September 2007 and was established via Hatsune Miku's version of Loituma Girl internet meme, eventually going on to becoming its own character. Hachune Miku is acknowledged as one of the first mascots to gain popularity within the Vocaloid fandom.

She is regarded as a silent mascot by the fandom. In music videos and songs that have a singing voice in them, the voice is more of a representation of Hatsune Miku, rather than her actual voice. However, her voice can be heard in Project DIVA extend's opening (the version with voices).

The character was responsible for the start of the "Item War" system which Vocaloid fans assigned a character with a particular item, with Hatsune Miku's "associated item" being what was interpreted as a leek is actually a Welsh/green/spring onion.

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