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Kasane Teto ( (かさ) () テト?) is a character in Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA. Unlike the other characters, she is neither a VOCALOID character nor a Derivative but rather, she hails from UTAU, a free singing synthesiser software similar to the commercially-released VOCALOID.

Teto made her debut in the series in Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA 2nd as DLC, although she used Hatsune Miku's voice responses. Her subsequent appearances do not depict her having a voice.


Kasane Teto is notable for her red hair with drill locks on both sides (twin drills).

Teto's default attire is an attempt to mimic Miku's school uniform styled attire. Teto wears a blue sleeveless dress with a pink stripe on the center, a matching skirt, purple headphones, and a tattoo on her left arm that says "0401 Kasane Teto". This is a reference to her release date 1 April 2008. Her boots look similar to Miku's, but the soles on Teto's are pink.


Kasane Teto was released as an April Fools troll on 1 April 2008, claiming to be the third VOCALOID in Crypton Future Media's Character Vocal Series by users of the message board Vip News Bulletin@2ch. After the trolling, her vocals were recorded for use in UTAU. Her voice provider was Mayo Oyamano. On 10 June 2008, Teto's signature song by nwp8861, "Mimi no Aru no Robot no Uta", came out, which turned heads towards Teto. On 2009 August 1, UTAU got updated to include the smoother more natural VCV voicebanks. When Teto got updated to VCV, more people started to use her and she is now one of the most used UTAUloids. Teto's surname, Kasane, roughly translates to "overlapped sound". Her first name is from Tetopetterson, a parody song of "Le Beau Tambour".


  • Teto is the first and only UTAU character to guest appear in the Project DIVA series.



  1. Teto does not have any vocal lines in the Project DIVA series.


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