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Quotation1.png Sakine Meiko is included as a new variation on Meiko's existing module. Of course this version has been tweaked a bit! Quotation2.png
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Sakine Meiko ( (さき) () メイコ?) is a character in the Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA series. She is an official derivative of MEIKO, recognized by Crypton Future Media and has been licensed into the game series.


Sakine Meiko is notable for being a reflection of MEIKO. She is meant to portray a younger version of MEIKO (around 16 years old). She has light brown hair styled into a teased bob. She has side swept bangs and her eyes are brown and large, done in a style similar to illustrator KEI. On her left upper arm is the black mark "00 MEIKO", its significance is currently unexplained, though it may likely be homage to MEIKO's serial code being CRV1.

Her top is a reddish-orange color, a sleeveless crop top with a black trim. The rest of her attire follows the same color scheme, with a red choker and frilled skirt. Sakine wears long, reddish-orange, fingerless gloves with computerized print. On her skirt is a white belt, along with another deep red belt that hangs on her left side. She wears light brown boots with white fur trim and has black headphones.

In the Project DIVA PSP series and Project DIVA Arcade prior to the Future Tone update, Sakine's default attire was altered. It consisted of a more reddish-orange top and skirt, the top included a white zipper, her gloves were shortened to wrist-length and the cuffs are more coned-shaped with white trimmings, the belt buckle was gold, a fanny pack is hanging from a belt strap on the side, black bike shorts, and the boots are a darker brown.




  1. While Sakine does not have an official voicebank, the Project DIVA series uses a high-pitched version of MEIKO's voice for the Results Screen and the DIVA Room.


  1. MODULES. Retrieved on 2 April 2020. “Sakine Meiko is included as a new variation on Meiko's existing module. Of course this version has been tweaked a bit!”

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